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Forest Economics Congress

28–30 November 2023

Mona Hobart Tasmania

  • 120 delegates

    3 days

    1 museum

    1 question

  • 10,000 phone calls

    1,000 oysters

    160 martinis

    80 ‘experts’

  • 36 Hi-Vis vests

    36 pairs of heels

    6 sawmills

  • 1 Nobel prize winner

    3 think tanks

    56 reports

  • ? hectares of forest

    2 strip teases

    1 FEAST

  • What is the true value of tasmania's forest?


    Looking at Tasmanian forests as a microcosm of a global question, the Forest Economics Congress will bring together leaders, innovators and thinkers from across economics, industry, ecology, community (regional and First Nations) and policy to consider the true value of forests.

    Delegates will consider a wealth of topics—such as natural capital, enhanced livelihoods, community and regional development, investment opportunities, land use planning and management, biodiversity protection, culture and tourism—and how they can advance opportunities for Tasmania.


    120 delegates, 3 days, 1 museum, 1 question.


    Hosted by Mona, for a curated experience like no other.



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Museum of Old and New Art, 655 Main Road, Berriedale Tasmania